Clip In Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extensions

Something Imformation About Clip In Hair Extensions

What are clip-in extensions?

Clip-in extensions are hair extensions that are on a hair weft adhered by clips. These extensions clip-in to your natural hair and provide you with a natural look. They are easy to adhere, require no high maintenance in upkeep and can last for a long time with proper care. You can change your look with LHC’s clip-in extensions in minutes.

We offer an array of colors especially for you. Our human hair extensions are made of 100% Indian human hair and are undetectable when worn. Our clip-in extensions are world-class and especially made to make you look and feel your absolute best!

Can I sleep in my clip-in hair extensions?

Sleeping in your clip-in extensions pulls and tugs your natural hair. This may cause traction alopecia, which is hair loss caused by the pulling of hair. Besides that, sleeping in your clip-in extensions may cause unnecessary tangling of your hair. Always take your clip-in extensions out before going to sleep.

Can I swim or take a shower in my clip-in extensions?

No. LHC does not recommend you swimming or taking a shower in your clip-in extensions. Chlorine will cause tangling and unnecessary matting of your hair and the clip-in extensions. If you’re going swimming, take out your LHC clip-in extensions to ensure the quality of the hair.

Do not take a shower in your LHC clip-in extensions. This may cause unnecessary tangling to your LHC clip-in extensions if they become wet. Always use a shower cap if you absolutely

How long does it take to put in clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in extensions are quick and easy to install. You simply unclip the clips attached to the weft and adhere to your hair. This process can take 5 minutes. It’s also easy to take out your LHC clip-in extensions. You simply unclip the clips and voila! Your LHC clip-in extensions are out in a flash.

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