Human Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions

Dark Brown Color Remy Human Hair Extensions Clip in Real Hair

This hair is very pretty and super soft! It’s also pretty thick/heavy I was able to split it in half and have 2 sets, one for curly days and one for straight hair days. I dyed my ends slightly so it would blend in, you can see where my hair ends it’s slightly orange, I’ll be apply one more round of bleach to match it better. Also the human hair extensions came extremely blunt on the ends, which might be good for some people’s hair but I had to slightly trim mine so it fit in with my layers better.

I’ve worn extensions for about 6 years now. This hair is at a really great price considering they are 20 inch extensions. If you’re a beginner and want to buy something to wear occasionally these are great! But I wouldn’t recommend them for everyday use. They are very smooth and take heat very well. They hold curls and stay straight.

I normally make my own so they fit to my head, however I was pressed for time. The quality of the remy hair extensions is ok, and will do the job that I was wanting them for, however the size of the extensions are disappointing. Strange sizes and they need to have at least two larger ones to go around the crown of the head. I have a normal sized head so its not that my head is big LOL. But with the largest size and the weird small single clips you can make it work. The hair kind of looked like doll hair when I first got it, but like most hair, after a few times wearing them or some dry shampoo to take away the strange shine, they are great.

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