Clip In Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extensions

Human Clip in Hair Extensions

Human clip in hair extensions are hair extensions that simply clip into the hair making it look longer quickly without the need to grow your hair. This has many benefits and there are lots of reasons to use human hair extensions.

From time to time we all want to change our look. While we might be happy with our current look and think it is a good look for us, that does not mean that we don’t get curious as to what another look might be like. For instance if we have always had short hair, then it is very normal to start to wonder over time what our hair might look like longer. Of course in order to test this theory, we would have to grow our hair out and this can take us a very long amount of time. For a woman with a short bob who wants to try having hair down to the middle of her back for instance, this might take six months to a year to grow depending on how the hair looks. At the same time this will mean going through stages where the hair is at an unusual length and unfortunately just does not look good. A man might also want to grow their hair long and this would have the same problem only even more so – as their hair would be shorter most likely it would take longer to grow and it would go through a much worse stage in between when they had long hair that was hard to control.

And unfortunately after all this work you would never get that ‘wow’ from friends that you would likely be hoping for because they would have seen the transition. You won’t wake up one day with long hair, but will have very slowly introduced it so that it never makes any kind of impact. By the time you’ve grown your hair long in fact, the only way to have a ‘change’ and try something new would be to cut it all off again and at that point you’re back to stage one. Of course it’s particularly upsetting if you then decide you don’t like it…

However, with clip in hair extensions you have the ability to immediately change your hair in one sitting and that then means that you don’t have any of the awkwardness of having to grow it, and you can just walk in to your friend’s home and surprise them with a new look. If you then decide you want to grow it out you can as well while keeping the extensions in and you’ll know you like it.

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