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Full Head Curly Wave Clips in on Synthetic Hair Extensions Hairpieces for Women

I am still somewhat in credulous at how good the quality of this simple hair piece is . I am somewhat new to hair extensions uk, and by no means an expert. That is why I decided to buy the one piece. My hair is thick and wavy and I have had trouble with the straighter extension styles that I have purchased, have not been able to get them to blend, and found them way too thin. I’d like to share why I think this extension piece is working best for me.

First, my hair ranges from mahogany brown to red. This is more of a reddish color, and it blends perfectly with my dark reddish-brown hair.

I do have to smooth out the frizz in my own hair before getting it to blend. The human hair extension is very smooth and natural looking, but my own hair is frizzy so I smooth it out with curlers before wearing this extension.

Finally, I did not think that for me the curls dangling at the ends of the extension blended with my hair, so I cut them off – just the last 4” or so, and it was pretty easy to do. Sharing a picture of what it looks like now from the back. I lightened the camera setting slightly so that people could see how it blends, this also shows that there are reddish tones in the medium brown piece.

I hope this is helpful. I am really happy that I finally found this hair extension.