Clip In Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extensions

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It’s always scary purchasing hair extensions online, you really never know what you’re going to end up with. These extensions worked out perfectly for me. The exact color of these is a neutral brown with golden undertones. My hair was a warm chocolate brown when I got them, so my stylist adjusted my color just slightly to match. My hair is already long and I purchased these more for volume. My favorite thing about these extensions is that they aren’t too bulky. My hair is on the thinner side and these fit in just right. The clips hold well, but the band does break apart if you pull them too often and too hard, but by no means do you have to be gentle with them.

So I have been wearing extentions for years and years. First thing I liked about these clip ins is that they were the same make as “tape” hair extensions without the tape and they have clips instead. I actually took the clips off and bought walker tape and have now taped them in.

I did try the clip ins for a few days. I slept with them. they didn’t budge.Hair seems like good quality (I have only had them for a week) they do come coated in silicone so if you need to tone like I did I suggest washing them first then tone because it just won’t grab with the silicone on it.

So far I don’t have to brush them that much. About 5-6 time a day which is about average with human hair extensions. I will try and update in a month or so once they have been worn in.