How to maintaining your hair

The first thing to understand is that split ends are not just the reason for dry weather. There are many other incentives. For example, improper use of shampoo and hair care products, and frequent brand changes, will cause the hair to become a partial eclipse.

There is another incentive: some people think to use a hair dryer to dry their hair, so choose to air dry. However, I do not know that this method causes the stratum corneum to open, which will easily damage the hair and break easily.

For the above, when blowing the hair with a hair dryer, it is better to apply a little moisturizing gel and hair cream on wet hair to protect the hair from the hot air. Another point is to carefully choose the hair dryer, when blowing the hair, it should be away from the hair around 15CM.

Blow the roots and dry them, then blow the tips of the hair or let the tips dry naturally to minimize the damage of the dryer.

Human skin needs nutrition and nutrition can be radiant, and hair is naturally the same.

If you want a hair, you must first add nutrients. The best thing is to choose extracts of pure and natural plants. The rich and moisturizing hair deeply nourishes the hair inside, can give the hair a silky and smooth appearance.

After choosing the products for skin care, you should do the SPA regularly. The best is 1-2 times a week.

More spa treatments for hair can relieve scalp pressure and reduce scalp problems like itching, dryness, fat and dandruff. It can make your hair shine and make your hair shine.