Clip In Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions – Beautiful Result or Advertising Hype?

What is clip-on hair extension and how do they connect?

If you want to turn your hair into a beautiful flow closure immediately, the clip extension is perfect. But, of course, on the negative side, they should be eliminated at the end of the day. Therefore, the clips are suitable for parties, special dates or just want to look different in a few hours. They are cheaper than the permanent hairs that the salon does. Another advantage is that the clip does not damage your hair in any way.

The high quality hair extension is a strand of hair, each hair is individually connected. Generally, a 3 “or 4” wide part is divided into several layers behind the head and several 1 “or 2” wide parts are placed on the side, as the name implies, each string has a clip With some exercises, cutting the extension becomes quite easy, just a few minutes, it is easier to remove them.

Generally, you can find clip extensions of 14, 16 and 18 inches. Any longer time will bring too much tension to your own hair.

Who can use a clip extension?

Clip extensions are available for people with longer or longer hair lengths. If your hair is of medium length, the extension can lengthen it. If your hair is long but thin, or if your hair is at its best, then clip in hair extensions is an excellent way to bring volume and volume to your hair.

However, clip extensions are not available for women with very short hair. The extensions only look natural when mixed with natural hair, so if your hair is short, people will notice that you are using an extension. If you have short hair but you die by a long strand, buy a wig similar to natural hair color. High quality designer wigs look very natural: unless you say so, no one will guess that you wear a wig. If the wig is not for you, then you can choose salon hair that is knitted or glued to your hair. They can be used for a few months, but at a much higher cost than the limiter.

Does the clip extension look natural?

It depends on the quality of the extension you get. First, you should know that the hair extension can be made of natural human hair or synthetic fibers. I’ll tell you the truth: synthetic hair extensions are cheap, but you can get the price you pay. They do not look so well. On the other hand, high quality human fork extensions seem to grow from your own head.

If you search online, you will find many brands of clip extensions, preferably a famous manufacturer of accessories and hair extensions.

Because the extension is combined with your own hair, the combination of colors is very important. And the good news is that the extension of the body’s hairpin can be colored to match your own hair color. However, I do not recommend doing it at home, it is better to add color to your expansion in the living room. You can also use hot iron to curl them into the hair extensions.