Clip In Hair Extensions

Secret of hair pieces

If your hair is medium length and medium volume, maybe the hair extension is a word you do not mind, but it may not be. Women’s minds are often in an irrational state, like when you see Black Lively seducing the hockey team captain in Gossip Girl: holding the Martini bottle in one hand, the cascade-shaped blonde scatters arbitrarily. When it seems so tempting, maybe the thought will come out in my mind. “That kind of hair belongs to me too.” You also have reasons to send and receive.

As the famous hairdressers know, and in the secret of conservatism, many public figures will be sent, as long as they are not known to the public. In fact, as far as the stylist is concerned, at some point in the future, hair extension will become a component of quality and style, because hair is a natural product that is 50% natural. Not everyone can rely on natural hair to have a good reputation. Hair style The wigs made for celebrities are very sophisticated and should be made of real hair, and these hairs should be long, never burned or dyed, which guarantees that the hair damage is negligible. Then, these pieces of hair are mixed in real hair with very small hairpins. After about an hour, these connected hairs can be integrated into your own hair. This process involves the sudden increase of your hair. The weight process.

After collecting the hair, remember to trim the level. The famous stylist Ken Paves once joked half-heartedly: “If the length of the hair is exactly the same, you will see yourself as an unearthly antiquity.” According to the current trend of hairstyle, the level The most vivid hairstyle is the most popular. If you have straight hair, it is best to ask the stylist to extend along the contour of the chin, which will make you look young and energetic. If you bust, the interval between the layers will be as long as possible. The curls of the hair are more complete and attractive, and at the same time there is no aggressiveness, and the same sex or the opposite sex will be very good.

The wig seems to be such a perfect invention, it improves the discomfort of a wig and compensates for the deficiencies of the real hair or volume. Ok, I tell you a secret. When you take shampoo ads, people often use this cute accessory. Think about it. People think that your hair “looks like an advertising shampoo model”. Are you sure you can resist this temptation? ?

Of course, the hair clips also have flaws. When you do it together with your own hair, these different hairs will become entangled. The re-separation process is not so pleasant. In that shot, I saw it with my own eyes. The model wearing a wig smiled.